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Happy Sabbath Blessings, from our Homestead to Yours!

Maple leaf on rock

Let’s take a minute to count some Sabbath blessings today.

  • Andrew–Our House
  • Adam–My bed
  • Greg–To have the Bible truth regarding time of trouble and close of probation, which are nearing
  • Laurie–Having our whole family together last evening.

Sabbath blessings

Sunflower head full of seeds

We all experience blessings every day, but on days like Sabbath, when we take the opportunity to slow down, we can see them a little bit more clearly.

For our family, one of the Sabbath blessings is a good church family. We go to Sabbath school, then church, where we share fellowship, and learn more truth from the Bible that help to keep us anchored in our faith.

Christian Friends

We really are blessed with good Christian friends, in the church, that we attend, and outside. Over the years, we have made friends at all of the churches in our area, and it doesn’t matter which one we go to, we still hold onto those friendships. Yellow zinnia

Today, our family did join our church family. We had a good church service, spent a little time catching up afterwards, and then we all went our separate ways. This evening, as we close out the Sabbath, we will gather around a bonfire and share food, more fellowship, and music. We look forward to meeting some new friends, and catching up with current friends.

Nature Walk

After coming home and grabbing a little bit to eat, I broke away from my usual route, and took a walk down our road. The leaves, the sunshine, and the perfect breeze were a balm to my spirit.Yellow leaves on tree

I feel very blessed to live in an area where I can hear the leaves fall. Yesterday, I heard a noise in the woods. Anticipating something larger, I chuckled to myself as I saw a family of turkeys crossing our driveway.

Sharing Sabbath Blessings Together

As I walk along, I am reflecting on a praise report that a friend shared in church today. She shared how her years of prayers for her grown son recently brought her hope. After rebelling against many things for years, her son is bringing much joy to her heart from his decision to reconnect with the Lord. This also brings hope to me, as a mom.


More Nature Nuggets

On my walk, I saw a monarch butterfly zoom by, so fast that I almost thought it was a leaf flying through the air. I can hear the trees waving in the breeze, and that is a very peaceful sound to me.

Even though in the distance, I can hear highway noises, my present picture is one of golden trees, waving peacefully. The wind is tickling the leaves up top, making them flutter and detach.

I Just Love Fall

Fall is the most inspiring season for me. I’m glad God gave us fall.

Now that you have heard some of our family’s Sabbath blessings, take a minute and think of some of yours. It’s a nice habit to jot them down in a book to look back on later, when the days are a little bit darker.

White Rose

I’ve been walking past my little rosebush all week, meaning to take a picture. Today I will.

White rose with pink tips

A Song For You

This song came to my mind while contemplating these Sabbath blessings. Listen and be blessed.


Bless the Lord (Trilogy Scripture Songs)

Have a great day!


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  1. Laurie, I am so glad you and yours are very present to your blessings. I love your description of your walk, and all you were aware of. I live in gratitude for God’s goodness and blessings.

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