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How to make your own War Room Prayer closet–even if you’re tight on space!

War room prayer closet

I finally watched the movie, War Room.  You can get it anywhere now, including at amazon.com, Wal-Mart, and others.

This post contains affiliate links. 

Yeah, I know it’s been out for a long time. I don’t regularly watch movies, even Christian ones, so I never watched the film before now.  And I don’t really keep up with what out when.  But I did watch it recently, and I found the message surprisingly important.

We all need a place where we can go to, our prayer closet. This is biblical.

But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly. Matthew 6:6 KJV

Prayer closet war room

Does my War Room (Prayer Closet) have to be a closet?

I sure hope not!

Our prayer closet doesn’t actually have to be a closet, but it should be a quiet, and Jesus even said, secret place. This helps us to concentrate without distractions. A closet does work really well.

Prayer Closets I’ve Used

For many years, I have naturally gravitated towards my walk-in closet. Nobody found me there (usually), it was dark if I wanted it to be (which helped me think), and it was quiet


I’ve also used retreats in nature many times as a prayer closet.  Some of my best hours in prayer have been lifted up next to our old pond, or out on the trampoline under the starry sky.  

Then we moved to our homestead, which is still very much in progress. Raw land takes a lot of time to tame.

So…we’ve lived over a year in our camper with our family of five. This is fine, but the biggest frustration (aside from the shower issue–see my post on my $25 shower) is that we have such a hard time with privacy! Thus…quiet time proves more difficult, especially in the cold months. We’re kind of all on top of each other.

Desiring my own War Room

When I saw the War Room film, something inside me really wanted to have a quiet space like that. I am an introvert, and quiet time is something I cherish. I can’t connect very well with God when noise surrounds me, or even when I’m distracted by the buzz of life.

One solution for that is to take a walk or time away from it all out on one of our ridges. I love to do this, but I kind of like to be comfortable, so when it’s cold (or wet/sloppy like this time of year), I find it hard to motivate myself to get out. I am doing this more frequently, though, and it helps. Combining exercise, fresh air, and talking to God is a good combo.

But sometimes I need to study. Sometimes I do want that war room–a place to do battle with all of my weapons handy!

However, we have no closets in our camper! Literally every corner is filled–usually with a cat or a person! No joke!

How can I make a War Room prayer closet in our tiny house?

After telling God my desire for my own War Room type prayer closet, I noticed my bedroom door. Our room has two sliding pocket doors, just enough to close off ourbedroom“, which is literally just our bed with about eighteen inches of walkway on the side.

That door

That door, which usually stays tucked away in its pocket, could hold lists of prayer needs and encouraging Bible promises. I could slide it out to close off our room, and create a little corner for me and God. Few people would ever see what I’d hang on my War Room prayer door, which I like. Prayer is personal, and prayer requests don’t always need to be public.

War room prayer closet

One small shelf

In my miniature War Room, I have a very small shelf. I used to pile my bills and perfume on this shelf, but I spent a little time cleaning it off, so I can store my weapons of war.

These consist of:

  • My Bible
  • Box of Bible Promises that I printed
  • Box of colored index cards to write my prayer requests/answers on
  • Box of beautiful notes to write encouraging Bible verses and messages God prompts me to write
  • Pens and highlighters

That’s it! Just enough to keep me equipped and little enough so that I stay focused.

War room prayer closet
Items on my small shelf

War Room Wall

On my wall, so far, I’ve hung a few prayer guides so that when I wake up, I can see right away one thing to pray for for that day. If I get to nothing else, I can at least pray a Bible verse specifically for my husband and his spiritual battle, for myself, and for my teens. You can print these prayer guides for free at Jennifer Flanders website.?

Also, I’ve hung a few little notes from when our boys were small. These little notes bring me encouragement and remind me to keep praying for them!

War room prayer closet
War Room Wall

Engaging in the Battle

One thing that I have noticed already: if you take the first step to enter into battle with the Lord, you are actively stepping off of the sidelines. You will very likely begin to feel more arrows whizzing by and even feel the sting of them. This is WAR!

I can’t give details, but literally from the moment I made my choice to make my little war room prayer closet, the battle intensified and has stayed heated. In the movies, the battle wraps up nicely in two hours.  In real life, things are a little more bumpy, but stay in the battle with the Lord.  

Our enemy will not be clapping for you, but all of heaven will be there for you. Stay on the right side, and know your enemy.

Your enemy is not:

  • Your husband/wife
  • You kids
  • Relatives
  • Friends. (I guess the above could be debated,and it may truly FEEL like they are all your enemies, but in general, we have ONE main enemy)

Your enemy is:

  • Satan and his forces, which include lies, doubt, and fears
  • Possibly: YOU

The important thing is not

  • How big,
  • How impressive, or
  • How original

your prayer closet is, because it can be in a broom closet, your car,or the bathroom (yep–I’ve used all of those).

What is important

is that you have a place where you can feel relaxed and uninterrupted so that you can get real with God.

Make Your Own War Room Prayer Nook

If you long to have a prayer nook or War Room for yourself, why not look around, and see what you can come up with?  If you realize that your own war room doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s, then perhaps God will open your eyes to see where He wants to meet with you.  Then, you can go all out to make that place work for you, and ultimately, grow closer to God in prayer.

Go ahead!  

Join the War!

War room prayer closet

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  1. I have not seen this movie – but I am inspired just by the way in which the movie inspired you!! I think I should look into it. I’m sure God will bless your determination to not only make a prayer closet but to stay in the battle!

    1. Thank you! Whether you choose to watch the movie or not, the message is clear. We need to be praying more if we want to see God working. I do. I sense that you so as well. Blessings on your journey!

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