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Morning! ☀️

Almost every time I see someone these days whom I haven’t seen in awhile, I get the same question: “How’s Austin?”

It’s now been six weeks since Austin’s accident, which launched our family into a different worldthat of trauma, surgery, hospital care, and rehab. Initially, it was marked by survival and overcoming, and thankfully, it’s moved on to the more mundane, yet very busy world of multiple therapies, pushing through, and appointments.

Read these posts to catch up.

There’s not as much different to report on a regular basis, hence the lack of updates here, but I would like to let you know what Austin’s progress is looking like these days.

In His Own Words

Many of y’all have asked how I’ve been doing. The pain has mostly subsided. My leg is healing and I can walk short distances without my cane now. My scapulas have mostly healed together and I can do most tasks as far as dressing and personal care now. My radial nerve will take quite some time to heal due to the extensive damage done to it. My rotator cuff is still healing as it was torn also. Thanks for all the prayers and the support!

Mom’s Note

He sounds great, doesn’t he?

I will have to say that he’s being really optimistic! What he’s not telling you is that when he walks much, his leg gives him a lot of pain and swells up many of the times. Yet he still pushes through.


Therapy sometimes wipes him out. He still takes several naps a day. 

But…his arm is making progress! He’s getting more movement in it, so we know that it is healing. They keep telling him it will be six months or so, to just be patient. But he does have good therapists. Austin here about six therapy sessions per week, and that keeps him moving.  

Austin’s tried a few things that maybe have pushed him a bit prematurely, and he ended up with more pain, but it’s kind of how he rolls–pushing the limits. That’s also how healing goes–forward, back, forward, take it easy, recover from what you’ve done, and try again tomorrow.  He’s still wearing the boot and the arm/wrist splint, and occasionally the sling.  

We do appreciate the prayers. Overall, Austin seems to be handling it pretty well. I don’t sense despair or discouragement, but I often pick up on an edginess that he didn’t have before. He seems to have some anger in general, but laughs it off. Of course that’s the focus of my prayers. It’s important to me that my boys learn to lean on their Savior, not just on themselves. I don’t pretend to know the lesson out of this circumstance, but I pray that through it Austin will choose to surrender his life and future to God.

His goal as a career is to become a helicopter pilot. He still wants to pursue that. The delay will be frustrating, just waiting on his body to heal. We do pray that he regains full strength and ability, especially in his arm. They can’t give us any promises–just wait to see, keep exercising, and let the body heal on its own time schedule.

Our family got together Sunday for Mother’s Day. We took this picture at twilight, so the quality isn’t the best, but it’s nice to have the family together when we can. I’m thankful for each of my guys!

Have a wonderful day!

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9 Replies

  1. Laurie,
    Beautiful family picture and I am glad that Austin is coming along even though it will be a long haul for him!!
    Thanks again for hosting this charming party every week! I know how much time goes into doing so and I want you to know that it I truly appreciate it!! I hope you have a great week!

  2. Thanks so much for the update, I was wondering how Austin was doing. Thrilled to hear that his arm is making progress, I will be continuing to pray!

  3. Keep on keeping on!
    Nerves heal slowly.
    Always, keep your dreams for the future and hope for today. Your body heals at night. Courage is a challenge when tired. Sleep well. Proud of you always…

  4. I just found your blog and will be following! I am amazed by following your sons accident. I’m also amazed and inspired by your incredible faith! Thank you for sharing this difficult journey, I will be praying for you and for your son!

What is your experience? 💜 I read every comment, and so many times I find that I gain encouragement from what’s shared. ❤️