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God’s Late Summer Paintbox

Late summer paintbox image

Happy Sabbath!

God has a canvas, where He writes a love story to you. Have you seen it? Look around at the flowering fields, the roadside bursts of color, and the mushrooms popping up after the rain. You’ll see that He does not want our lives to be lived in black and white, but in a symphony of color, texture, and sound. I am calling this God’s Late Summer Paintbox.

Late summer
Sabbath walk to gather the colors

This post contains affiliate links.
If I am being completely honest, with myself and with you, I have to admit that my whole summer has been a blur of monochromatic darkness. There has been color around me, and I could see it but not take it in. That’s how life is in the shadows.

Late summer bloom
Indian Paintbrush

God has been there this whole time, literally carrying me along, many times, I know, solely as a result of the prayers of my friends. I am so thankful that I had that.

Late summer  blooms
Red Nasturiums

Life has been very difficult. I characteristically want to fix things NOW. But now is not the time…even through the trials I am learning that God has the plan.

Delicate Jewelweed—one of my favorites!

So…today, I look for COLOR. And I find it all around.

Orange mushroom
Mushrooms along the driveway

Thank you, Lord, for caring enough to paint your world with beauty.

Late  summer morning glory
Stunning blue morning glory!

Thank you for opening my eyes, for drying my tears, and for carrying me along.

Tiny little mushroom

Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love; therefore with LOVINGKINDNESS have I drawn thee.

Jeremiah 31:3
Late summer bouquet
Late Summer Bouquet

I hope you can head outside soon to drink in the late Summer colors before they fade into Autumn hues!

Late summer blooms

Last year, I wrote a post, as I looked around, also marveling at the colors around me. Purple Autumn is the title.

Purple flower  in late summer
Purple flower along our driveway
Late summer  flowers
Glorious contrasts!
Late summer bouquet
God’s Late Summer Paintbox

A couple Nature Resources

When our children were younger, we loved to read Nature Friend Magazine. I considered it worth every penny invested, and I believe that it helped to create a love of Nature in all of us. I’ve included the link below if you click the picture.

Also, when I looked up that link, I noticed that the Birds and Bloom magazine, which is also stunning for nature lovers, is on special now, at just $5/year for 7 issues. Not sure why or for how long, but that’s a really good deal, and if you love birds and flowers like I do, I think you’d enjoy it. I plan to subscribe! We ALL could use more Nature in our lives!

I’ve mentioned this book before, but for my friends who live in Tennessee, this is my favorite flower ID book for our area.  We have met the author, and he has spent a tremendous amount of time compiling the pictures of the wildflowers.  

But if you live in other areas, the Audobon Field Guide to Wildflowers is excellent.  ? 

God bless you! He loves you!

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