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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day.  Today is the day our family will get together for our annual celebration. Of course we have been looking forward to this day with great anticipation. Yet, just a few hours ago (as in 4 am), I believed we’d have to sit this gathering out.

Two of my men were very sick. Vomiting up their toenails, as the saying goes.  Fever, nausea, aches, the whole nine yards.

Yesterday, during the day, a doctor friend of my husband’s, and also his tree customer, called personally and offered to call in a prescription for some anti-nausea medicine.  At that time, we passed on the offer, since it appeared like the worst had passed, at least for my husband.

However, at 2-4 am, when I kept cringing at the sound of violent retching, I wished we’d have gotten something for our 16-year old son.  I was fully prepared to scout out our little town for anything to help him get through, as I knew the vomiting was wearing him out.

But what would be effective, and what wouldn’t?  I’d purchased several recommended products during the daylight hours, only to discover they didn’t work for him in this sickness.  I fully anticipated a day in the ER or doctor’s office and a hospital admission if we couldn’t get his nausea under control.

Because I’d spent many hours and dollars on products that hadn’t worked, I prayed before heading out into the night.

Then, my eyes rested on the large ginger root I’d purchased.  Ginger candy and ginger ale had not helped the nausea, so I’d left the root alone.  However, I decided to try it before leaving.  I sliced it thinly, and made a strong ginger tea. I mixed small amounts of the tea into small portions of clear Gatorade and had him sip, not chug this.


Of all the remedies, this one worked!  Austin slept the rest of the night with no more vomiting, and his fever broke by morning.  And I got some good sleep then too!

So…although our day’s menu so far has included clear vegetable broth, ginger tea, vitamin water, and Gatorade,  we are glad to have two men back in the game, and expect to be able to join the family this evening!

Thank God Anyway

Our experience reminded me of the story my other boys and I listened to yesterday.  We listened as a family this morning—a reminder that interrupted plans may be what we need for some reason beyond our knowledge.

This story is free and will be up on the Your Story Hour website for a month or so, so listen while you can!

Don’t Go Today

No matter if you’re celebrating with a large family this year, working (like me) or going through some experience that you’d just as soon leave behind, I hope you’ll take a minute to thank God anyway.  Our hard times are what make us what we are, and so, if we hold onto God through these times, our characters will reflect what (or Who) we are focusing on!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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