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Happy Sunflowers

I’ll just let the pictures tell the story here with little explanation.

Just one note:

My dad suffers from Lewy body dementia, and has had some rough days this week. I was surprised and delighted yesterday when he woke up from a long summer’s nap with a sparkle in his eyes.

On a whim, we decided to pack him up and visit the sunflowers in the field of a church friend.

We all came back energized and awed at God’s beauty!

No apologies for the sunflowers photo dump! Sunflowers and being surrounded by beauty truly does energize me!

Elderly man in sunflowersSunflowers in field
Teen boy and grandpa in field of sunflowers
Adam and Dad

Old man holding sunflowers

Sunflowers in field
The epitome of country life, right here!

Man picking sunflowersTeen pushing old man in wheelchair in sunflower fieldWoman in sunflowersOld man picking sunflowersTeen pushing man in sunflowers

Woman in sunflowers
Just me in my happy place!!

Woman standing in sunflowersTeen pushing grandfather in sunflowers

Old man in sunflowers
I love this!

Woman and dad in sunflower field
Cherishing the moments with Dad!

We stayed til the cows came running home!  It just felt right.

May your day be filled with wonder!

And lots of sunflowers this summer!!!


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6 Replies

  1. Awe, such gorgeous photos of you, your family, and the sunflower farm. The flowers certainly brightened your smiles and mine. I appreciate you sharing. Sending love. Jaime

  2. Wow, how big their sunflower field must be! What a joy to go get mixed up in it! I suppose you know that the sunflower is the unofficial totem of the Spiritualist church– b/c they turn their faces to God. May I use one of your photos for a quote poster, with credit given?

    1. I’m so happy that you like the flowers! The field wasn’t so huge, but definitely long and concentrated where they were planted.
      As for the photos, I’d prefer if you’d just enjoy them here. I don’t feel comfortable with being connected to the Spiritualist Church.
      I do love how the sunflowers turn their faces to the sun, and it reminds me of how we can make sure we face Jesus in our lives and feel His presence all day long!

      Thanks so much for stopping by and reaching out!

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