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Fit After 50

Studies will discourage you sometimes, reporting that after 50, fitness is only about maintaining what you achieved up to this point. But I have seen enough evidence to illustrate that anyone who desires to achieve health can attain it, no matter the age.

Is there truth to the studies? Of course? Is getting fit easier for younger people? Yes, again.

Cold, Hard Facts

But don’t let statistics discourage you. By taking small steps, you can get fit after 50 if you keep pressing on!

I’ve seen ladies in their golden years who decided to make some changes in their routines, and they saw results. Were they in modeling gigs? Well…those who I’ve seen were not, but one is an influencer, and she puts me to shame.

(See Aging Disgracefully)

I can think of others, one who decided to train for a fitness/bodyweight competition after she noticed her mid-life health condition had declined. And she went on to win awards.

Look on the Bright Side

I’m not here to cite all of the reasons why getting fit after 50 will be hard. They’re out there. Bone density decreases, we should work to build our bone density before menopause, and hormonal body fat distribution is another strike against us ladies. But that’s still not a reason to give up.


We have so many reasons to make positive changes. Mental health is a huge reason to stay active.

Five Easy Tools for Staying Fit After 50

I’m going to share five easy tools that pretty much anyone can use to reach fit for after 50 goals.

Obviously, don’t do something dangerous. Ask your doctor first, and skip the things that just won’t work.

Five Tools for Staying Fit after 50

  1. The mini trampoline. I love mine. I know there are good, better, best models, but if you’re just starting, and don’t have an $800 plus budget, grab a good one that you can afford. I bought this rebounder eight months ago because it’s what I could afford. I’m still using it and love it. Mini trampoline rebounder
  2. Some simple hand weights Start small and work your way up to larger. Use the small weights while walking, jumping, squatting. You’ll get stronger with regularity. I use this kind, and got mine locally without the rack. I like the tiny ones for when I do the trampoline, and the 5 and 8 lb weights for working my arms. Little by little. Five sizes of hand weights set with rack. Hand weight set
  3. A jump rope. No need to get fancy. You can get a decent and smooth jump rope for under $10. It may take a little practice, but skipping rope is surprisingly a great full body workout. I got one like this one.
  4. A good pair of shoes.People with shoes on mountain ledge
  5. A good place to walk. The best exercise in the one you’ll actually do consistently. Walking is one of the best ways to stay in shape at any age, and it also has many bonuses of relaxation, social time if you grab a friend, and it’s low impact. Almost anyone can take a walk. Pick somewhere close by, and where you’ll enjoy the scenery. People walking with dog

Five Tools to help you Get Fit after 50

Those five tools are enough to get you started. They are also enough if that’s all you decide to do.

Really, if all you decide to pursue is walking, that is a wonderful way to stay fit. Adding some other options just provides variety and a way to target other muscle groups.A quick search on the benefits of a walking for health turns up many books on the subject. I chose this one.

Walk This Way: The Proven “Step-By-Step” Low Impact Exercise Guide to Lose Weight, Ease Anxiety, Increase Productivity and Regain Your Health to read for my own information. Walk this way, Parker ScrippsGet it on Amazon

We could definitely go more into depth on any of these tools, but I really think for many of us, we don’t need anything fancy, but rather we just need a reminder to do what we know.

Close to Home

I’m endeavoring to include these tools in my own life. Every time I jump on the rebounder, take a walk, or even pick up the jump rope, I find that I feel lots better afterwards.

Better activity can help with sleep issues, common to menopausal woman, so that’s a great reason to try to include more movement in the day.

So that’s a good place to start.

How about You?

What tools do you suggest for getting or staying fit after 50?

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