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Organize your bathroom with Mason Jars and Stuff from the Dollar Tree!

Dollar tree mason jar organization

I love Mason Jars.

In fact, most of my soap dispensers are made from pint mason jars, and I’ve used the little jam jars for years as a pretty and practical way to organize small items.

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We have a problem, though, at the present. We live (I know–still!!) in our camper while we work on the house.

Campers have tiny bathrooms.

Tiny bathrooms have tiny countertops. In other words–not much space.

Planned on a platter pedestal

I’ve had a nice platter (does that sound better than a plain old plate?) on my bathroom counter with several small jars arranged on it. Q-tips, toothbrushes, tooth flossers, combs, hair bands–these kinds of things each had its own jar.

But the problem was, it just was taking up most of the counter space. I wanted it up and off the counter.


I thought about making a pedestal thingy like this one (you’ve probably seen them on Pinterest) where you layer plates, candle holders, and make a tall thing. I even spent some time at the store picking out my plates and candle holders, but I never could bring myself to believe that we’d actually pull off balancing jars on a 3-tiered pedestal without knocking the whole thing over. So I skipped that idea. They’re cute, though !

A New Plan

While I was wandering around the Dollar Tree, after I’d abandoned the above plan, I saw the cutest screw-on lids that go on top of mason jars. They were painted black, and had either a star or circle cut out of the top, so you could put stuff inside. These lids were just what would work with my jelly jars! And they had that rustic country flair to dress things up a bit. The star lid had a loop handle, and the open lid hangs from a metal chain.

Here, I used a star lid on top of a mason jar candle that I had. You can get this exact lid on Amazon.com and pay $6, or get it for a buck at the Dollar Tree.

Mason jar star lid

Here is the lid with the chain. It’s handy for toothbrushes and combs. I’ve placed a link to Amazon, in case you’d like to pay 4X the Dollar Tree price.

Mason jar hanging lid

Who doesn’t love the Dollar Tree? You can find tons of fun things, especially for organization, for next to nothing!

I bought a few of those lids, grabbed some metal baskets, and picked up two tiny electric tea lights (just for fun).

Tea light in baby food jar

When I got home, I spied Andrew, who was working on some wood project. I can’t even remember what it was now, but he had these narrow strips of wood leftover from his trimming. I grabbed a few, and, thankfully, he got curious and followed me in.

Andrew is very intuitive, and he must have decided that I needed help. Or maybe he just didn’t trust me with a drill. He quickly cut me more strips of wood, and screwed them onto the wall behind our camper’s toilet. It was a boring wall, anyway!

Ta da!

Just the wood strips made the wall much more interesting!

Dollar Tree Mason Jar Organization

Then we attached 3/4″ cup hooks, which I did not find at the Dollar store, along the wood, to hang the jars I wanted. It actually took us awhile to decide which jars to use. At first I planned to use pint jars, but they just turned out to be larger than I wanted.

Cup hook

The little lid jars are spice containers, and the top row are baby food jars.

Dollar Tree mason jar organization

Everything got wrapped with twine, for a farmhouse country look, and then all of our toiletries found a home on this board.

Dollar Tree mason jar storage

It’s simple, but very functional for us! It freed up my counter so that I could place a pot of sunflowers (pot and flowers from the Dollar Tree).

Dollar tree decor

Fancy new toilet paper holder

I went all out and made a toilet paper holder to keep the TP dry!

Toilet paper holder is just made from a toilet plunger handle (Dollar Tree) screwed onto a square of wood. It could be fancier, but it does the job. We can stack three rolls on this dowel.

DIY toilet paper holder

For the rest of the bathroom, I placed soap and larger toiletries in the mesh baskets and hung them also from cup hooks. It just helps to have them in sight, but not in the way.

Dollar Tree Mason Jar wall

I placed a few reminders around, and overall, everyone is super pleased with the improvement in our little space!
Dollar Tree decor

Here ya go!

The camper bathroom, all decked out from the Dollar Tree!

Dollar Tree Mason Jar Organization Wall

I hope this gives you some simple, inexpensive ideas of how to utilize what you have!

Let me know what ideas you have!

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