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Ridge Haven Homestead, May 14, 2019

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Free Wild Kids Magazine

Here is a free resource that I just came across. I’ve looked over the website and the May magazine. I am quite impressed!

You may download the magazine to read, and there are nice printables to use out in Nature, like a little journal, plant checklist, plus recipes and information for foraging! I wish I’d known about this when my kids were smaller, but there’s still some for older kids

Here’s the information from the Wild Kids website. Why do I want to call it Wild Child? ?

Happy May!

Here is the download for the May edition of Wild Kids Magazine.

May Wild Kids Magazine

The magazine is full color and is 16 pages in PDF format.  Feel free to read it online with your kids or print it out.  It includes printable plant ID pages, nature journal pages and other printables, so you may want to at least print those out if they’re helpful.

Head over to their website to read more, because it has a ton of resources! I’m bookmarking it, because you may have figured out that I love Nature (See Mean Mom takes a Nature Walk), enjoy a little foraging (See Eat Your Weeds), and firmly believe that it’s great for kids!

I hope you enjoy what you find! ?



Wild Kids Magazine for May – Wild Kids
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