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Our Homestead

I hope that you love our homestead journey! At Ridge Haven Homestead, I can’t promise that we will do it all right, but we will be moving ahead every day, little by little!

This site will chronicle our journey. Currently, we are in the process of carving out our homestead. Already, our journey has involved sweat, tears, emotion, disappointments, and joys! And mud. Lots of mud! We are learning so much!

Ridge Haven Homestead
Trailing arbutus on Ridge Haven

Our homestead goal

We will show you plenty of real-world tips on what we are learning on our homestead! We will share our mess-ups and moments of triumph.

If you visit the ABOUT section, you will get a glimpse into who our family is. Hang around on this site long enough, and you’ll get to know us and learn what works, what doesn’t, and hopefully, you’ll find some tidbits that will make your own homesteading journey easier.

Ridge Haven Homestead
We are building from the ground up!

An Introduction

Since this is my first post, I will share what I wrote on the About section on our Facebook page, as well as on this page . Some of the information may overlap a bit, but think of this as an intro into what this site is about!

Ridge Haven Homestead
Hepatica at Ridge Haven

From our About Page

Please join our family as we share our journey of setting up our homestead!

Ridge Haven Homestead
Signs of Spring at Ridge Haven

Our Family

We are a family of five, Mom, Dad, and our three boys! We bought the 26 acres of raw land, which we are working to transform into our “Home Sweet Home”.

Ridge Haven Homestead
Autumn on the Ridge Haven Homestead

We are building our off-grid cabin-home, and are living on our land as we build. We are moving slowly, as we try to minimize our debt load, and work towards financial freedom (no debt).

Ridge Haven Homestead
Winter at Ridge Haven

Our Homestead Lifestyle

We homeschool our children, and involve them in the homestead projects. Our boys have learned way more than the average teen in the area of practical skills and carpentry, by apprenticing under our friend and building genius, Troy.

Ridge Haven Homestead
Working with practical projects

Looking Ahead

We are a plant-based homestead. ? We will be setting up our garden, greenhouse, root cellar, and mini orchard as soon as we can! We have a small stand of blueberry bushes half-way up the ridge—they are our evidence of things not seen as yet! They give us hope that we will experience the joys of home-grown fruit!

Ridge haven Homestead
Small beginnings

Our Family Leaders

I am the blogger of the family. I am Laurie, but will go by Ridge Haven Homestead to match our name on my blogging site. I run the home education portion, keep up with our growing homestead, and help to grow garden goodness! My favorites are herbs and flowers!

Ridge Haven Homestead
Dreaming on the Ridge

My husband, Greg, runs his own tree service. You may see his website at https://www.littleastree.com. He handles a lot, but the coolest thing currently is his ability to supply our homestead with trees. These trees that he cuts down get milled into lumber, which goes right into our cabin, grounds, and other projects. We are super excited to know that we are creating a home out of our “own” trees.

Ridge Haven Homestead
Little by little, the cabin is going up!

Always a Project

Future projects will include: setting up/refining our water cachement system, building and using a rocket mass stove in the cabin, building a carport for our current living quarters (RV), and, of course, finishing our cabin. We have a driveway full of bumps and ruts to tackle, a lot of landscaping to do, and more projects than I can mention!

Ridge Haven Homestead
Wintergreen berries at Ridge Haven

God is Good on the Homestead

But we are content. Content to move forward as slowly or quickly as the Lord leads.

We will share our joys and blunders.

We will share tips to make your own homesteading journey less painful.

We will share what’s worked/what hasn’t.

We will entice you with tried and true recipes from our homestead favorites.

We will seek to educate you on healthier living as you learn simple home remedies, using natural ingredients.

We will share tidbits from our home educating journey.

Thanks for joining us on our journey!

Ridge Haven Homestead-our little slice of the country!

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Ridge Haven Homestead
Morning Glory at Ridge Haven

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