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Welcome to the Sunday Sunshine Blog Hop!

The Sunday Sunshine Blog Hop

I can’t believe it’s already Sunday again, and time for another blog hop!  

I’ve been trying to find a minute or two to sit down and do an update, but it’s been hard to find those minutes.  

I will say that we are suddenly and finally seeing a dam break with our house progress.  A dam of next steps to conquer!  

I’ve got a mental checklist six miles long, and the at makes me very inefficient.  

Today: we are hoping to make good progress on wrapping up the plumbing.  We’ve been saying that for so long that’s it’s like an old, non-funny joke now, but we have to keep saying it anyways.  

I plan to choose stain color for our ceiling beams and get going on that.  Once the beams and ceilings are stained, we can hang lights/fans.  We have a ceiling to build in a bathroom, a wall to put up, another vanity to build, and plenty more, but that’s our focus for today.  Plus our regular chores like the garden and life.  

My life is routinely over ambitious in the planning department, then under ambitious in the getting it done area, since so much is unpredictable when it comes to doing stuff we’ve never done.  I can think/plan/and announce that we will do XYZ today, and find out that all we got done was a lot of head scratching and a trip to Lowes for parts.  And even those trips aren’t quick!  We have to decide on so many things!  

For someone who has a difficult time with decisions, big and small, these simultaneous decisions about everything from what kind of screws, stain color, varnish, knobs, appliances, angles, tools we need, wood varieties, things you’ll see everyday, stuff you’ll never see, pipes, crack filler, and lights, just to name a few, these trips really drain my energy. Then life is happening at the same time.  With decisions there too and plenty of challenges, so I have found that my brain these days just stays really, really tired. If you wonder why, on Instagram, I post mostly flowers and cats, maybe you can understand a bit about why. Those things bring pleasure without huge amounts of mental expenditures, and they make me unwind mostly. I really do need my garden time to get through these days.

Enough about that!

One day, and it’s coming sooner than it used to be, I’m going to take you into our cabin and show you what we are up to.  We will love it once we get to move in. I am so ready to have a house, to have a place to invite people, and to experience the haven of home at our Ridge Haven Homestead.    We do have the haven, in our land and property, but we all know that home is a true haven, and we are longing to have that again!  💗 

You got a whole lot more than usual, so enjoy that.  😃 


Just for fun, I’m going to put a picture of the vanity Adam has been working on.  I don’t think I’ve shared that here before.  Andrew will be building a small one for their small bathroom.  I’m very proud at what they can accomplish when they decide to!  Also, this is the feel of our home—homemade, rustic, and solid.  

Rustic vanity
Waiting on the other hinges and latch, plus more sanding.
Rustic vanity
In progress. We decided to add another door.

Note: every scrap of wood used in this vanity is from what Greg cut and had milled.  The top slab is oak that we’ve been drying for a good five years at least—I love it!  The cedar doors and sides are from tree jobs, as are the posts.  We could definitely make things go faster if we just went out and bought something.  But when I looked, I kept telling myself that my boys could make it just as well or better, and it would be how I really liked it!  I don’t like fancy, and I don’t want cheap.  

This vanity is not cheap in hours—he really has put in a lot of time on it. The slab was very weathered and gray and we both did a lot of sanding on it. But he’s learning and has a lot to be proud of!    

Adam is 15.

Teen making furniture
Adam working on the vanity

Enough bragging!  😉 

Hope things are going well in your world. 

Happy week and happy hop!



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17 Replies

  1. What a beautiful vanity and should brag away and be so very proud! Your home is going to be a little piece of heaven on earth and I can’t wait to see your updates! As for making decisions when remodeling I’m the same way, I can’t make up my mind but I’m great at giving others suggestions! Have a blessed Sunday and keep posting those beautiful flowers, they bring smiles to everyone viewing them.

  2. Laurie,
    Thanks again for hosting this lovely party every week! I know how much time goes into doing so and I want you to know that it is greatly appreciated!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  3. Aww, this put me in mind of my artistic son at that age! I know you’re proud! Thanks so much for featuring my broken China plant markers! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  4. Your vanity is stunning! What fabulous work they did on it. I can totally relate to this…”My life is routinely over ambitious in the planning department, then under ambitious in the getting it done area”. We have so many home renovations on a long mental list but life keeps interrupting any progress which then limits motivation! It will be so worth it when everything is done!


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  6. Laurie,

    Sorry for the late thank you for featuring my post. We are on a cruise and have not had internet for a few days. Blessings and have a great week!

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