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Spending Sabbath at Home

Happy Sabbath!

It’s a new day, and I hope that today brings peace, a closer connection to God and your family, and contentment.


Last Sabbath…

I woke up with another pounding headache. I’ve started tracking my headaches recently, and so far I have a headache about 30% of my days. Not good. Most days I can just keep pressing on, occasionally taking something to get through it. But what works for me doesn’t make me feel well, and I try to not take much. This day, however, it was really bad, and building.

I knew I could not sit in church and concentrate. For one, I was extremely groggy. Two, the pain. I just couldn’t think about chatting and trying to be sociable, when all I longed for was a good, comfortable bed!

The boys really wanted to go to church, and we wanted that too! Greg offered to stay home with me. That was fine, but I knew I’d be poor company.

We sent the boys off, and we turned on the ozone maker machine. Trying to purify the mold from the camper from a recent renovation project. We had to leave for 20 mins of purifying, then the air out time of a couple hrs. I honestly didn’t want to pack up my bed, but I did.

We ended up taking a walk in the morning, while the camper aired out. It was a nice walk. I wasn’t good for a lot of talking, but once I was out in the sunshine, I started to enjoy myself.


I ended up following some animal tracks through the woods for a ways. It’s funny how the animal walked carefully over and along logs like a cat would.

We saw a fox running through the woods.

We came back and watched our church on livestream, and I sacked OUT! I didn’t wake up til Greg texted me at 2:30 asking me if I was going to eat! I would have kept on sleeping! I almost felt sick, but I’ve just been getting so many headaches these days!

Greg cooked a wonderful meal! Asparagus was the best! He rarely cooks (like maybe once every ten years-or twenty?) so this was a delight!

After a bit, the temptation was so strong to sleep some more. But it was getting g close to dark, and I sort of wanted to walk a little more.

Sleep or walk? Which would win?

(What would you choose?)

We both decided to take the walk. Just a short one up to the ridge.

Once we got to the first level, we both wanted to climb up the rest of the way!

More animal tracks, a little more snow, and a nice sunset poking through the trees!

It was a nice day!

I did take something for the headache eventually, and we enjoyed the moments of just doing nothing. Sometimes we have to do that!

Sabbath at home turned out to be just what we needed!

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  1. Sorry to hear about the headaches. That can be really difficult to experience them on a continual basis. Glad you had a somewhat pleasant day. I have a decoupage piece of artwork made from a slab wood from and old barn. On the board is a picture of a horse and a quote that says “Nature is the art of God”. The Sabbath is about rest and healing and being closer to Him, sounds as if you were doing exactly his plan.

  2. Oh, God bless you. My lovely daughter struggles with daily headaches and migraines. She has had them for over a decade. We’ve tried everything. Through it all, she pushed to live a normal life. She went to college, married her sweetie, and is now expecting a baby, praise God! We are hoping that the pregnancy hormones will help the headaches to cease. I hope your headaches cease, as well. You are blessed to have a man who is good company, even when you don’t feel well. What beautiful photos!

  3. You live in such a pretty area of the country. I hope that your walk was just the rejuvenation you needed, and your headache is much better.

  4. Aww sorry to hear you have so many headaches. I lucked out and hardly get a headache. But I’m wondering, did the walk sorta take your mind of your headache? Your photos are magnificant! Hugs to you.

    1. Thank you!
      The walls did help! Fresh air is always best, plus exercise. But the morning walk didn’t eliminate the headache. I did enjoy the distraction for a little while. The nap also didn’t take it away, but both helped me.

      Some things just have to pass.

      Thanks for coming again!

  5. Headaches are no fun. I am blessed not to have them often, I realize. I have a friend whose son has severe headaches almost constantly and has had them for most of his life. She has become active in a group that goes to D.C. to lobby on behalf of sufferers in hopes of getting funding for research. Email me if you think you’d like to learn more from her. Include a link to this post in your email so I can share it with her as well if you wish.
    Thanks for sharing at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2022/01/seen-on-blue-ridge-parkway.html

  6. Great photos!! I would have chosen the walk too. Once you get going, it’s not so hard to keep going. Hope your headaches resolve!! Thanks for sharing at My Big Fat Menopausal Life’s Share the Wealth party!! Hope to see you on February 1 too!

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