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Do YOU want to be more Happy?

Sharing time! A Happiness Challenge!

Happiness challenge

Here’s something that I came across that I decided to participate in!  A Happiness Challenge!   Maybe you’ll want to try it too!  Let me explain!

I’m sharing this off the Frugal Girl blog site, linked below.

Here’s her happiness challenge!

In 2019, I’m trying one new habit per month that A) promise to increase my happiness levels and B) costs little to nothing.

April’s Challenge: Go outside.

First, an update on last month’s challenge, which was to get outside every day.

May’s Challenge: Read a chapter a day.

I know some people really do hate reading, but I enjoy it.  So I figured that making time for it every day would be a happiness-inducing thing for me.

I’ll take the challenge!

The bottom line for May is to take the “happiness” challenge of reading a chapter per day in something. You can get through any book, one chapter at a time. I’ve decided to go with a chapter in the Bible, since I could use more time in the Word.

Proverbs has 31 chapters, so even though I began with random chapters, I am starting back again at chapter 1 for this month. I could use more wisdom from above! And I want to be a Proverbs 31 woman, don’t you?

Happiness challenge. Reading


An Alternative

Sometimes for lack of time in sitting down to read, I like to plug into a good audiobook. If you need some good suggestions of recent audiobooks we’ve enjoyed recently visit this post, where I share some recommendations from our April reads/listens. I don’t know if that’s cheating, but you really can motor through some good books fast if you listen while you drive! And I do enjoy listening to chapters from the Bible while walking outside in the morning! Two birds with one stone! ?

The April happiness challenge is a great one for making sure you get some good Nature therapy–through a Nature Walk, catching some Vitamin D, or just reading outside! Hey–you can do the May and April challenges together sometimes! ☀️

Wild herb.

Noticing Nature

I’m trying to make sure I notice something while outside.

A flower. A bird. The clouds. Wind. Raindrops. A bumblebee.

Write it down if you want or take a picture.

Here’s a couple I found on my first day, in my Mom’s yard.

Flowers. Happiness challenge
Done these Coreopsis just look happy?
Flowers happiness challenge
From my mom’s yard! Lovely!

Why don’t you read the whole post at The Frugal Girl? She has tons of great tips for saving money and finding happiness in the little things.


May Happiness Challenge | Read a chapter every day – The Frugal Girl
— Read on www.thefrugalgirl.com/may-happiness-challenge-read-a-chapter-every-day/

Are you going to take the challenge?  Will you choose more happiness?

Tell me about how you plan to take the challenge in the comments below!  

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