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Want to learn to speak the Language of Encouragement?

Encouraging Words is one of the Five Love Languages.

I spoke about the first two of the Five Love Languages in my posts about Time Together, and Hugs and Tickles (Loving Touch). In my next few posts on this topic, I will talk about Encouraging Words, or what can be called The Language of Encouragement.

I did not come up with this term. But I know a good thing when I hear it, and I want to share a helpful resource for you! All parents, homeschoolers, teachers, grandparents,friends, employers, employees, and pretty much anyone can benefit from learning this language.

This post contains affiliate links.

Listen to The Language of Encouragement talk (it’s free)

I want to refer you to a talk that I had recommended to me several years ago. This talk has impacted me, inspired me, and little by bit, is changing me. But I will be honest. The Language of Encouragement does not come naturally to me at all. For this reason, I have listened to this talk many times over the last several years, because I lose my way over and over, and fall back into my old rut of non-encouraging words!

The free talk, entitled The Language of Encouragement, authored by Maria Nebblett, can be downloaded here on their family’s ministry website. You may also find more encouraging talks at that site. I strongly encourage you to listen to it! Just scroll down to the category Family, and it’s the last talk. You will certainly be blessed!

If you prefer video, the talk can be seen here on Vimeo. Sometimes I like to watch a person talk, but more often, I like to download the talk to listen to it while I walk in the morning.

Please listen to the Introduction

For this post, please listen to the Introduction of The Language of Encouragement, or about the first 15 minutes of the audio file. This will give you a good overview of the talk, and plenty of food for thought.


Free Printable, The Language of Encouragement

Go ahead and print the free printable (below) if you like! This will give you a visual aid as you listen. The Printable is also a nice poster to hang up in a prominent place as a reminder of the principles you want to put into practice! You may color it if you like, and laminate it to help it to last longer, or just leave it plain.

Click on the actual link, not the picture, to get a full-resolution printable!

Language of Encouragement Free Printable Prayer Guide

Click HERE for the PDF Printable

Use it as a Prayer Guide

As I listened to this talk, I wrote down many of the Bible verses that Maria referenced. I coped each verse in a folder, and have referred back to them over and over. Evidently I am a slow learner, but I need to keep going over the same material again and again! Now I use these verses as a Prayer Guide for myself.

The Language of Encouragement Printable can be used in this way as well. Just keep the Prayer Guide/Printable near to your Bible, and pray over each verse, thinking of your children that need encouraging words. Or maybe even it’s your spouse who needs these words!

Looking ahead

For my next post, I will share the verses that Maria references in the next portion of her talk, which includes Five Habits for Me to Incorporate in my life. I will provide another Free Printable for this section.

I hope that this printable resource will be an encouragement to you as you listen to the talk, and as you prayerfully put into practice the principles that you learn.

Please don’t just click the Printable and skip the talk! If anything, skip the Printable, and make sure that you listen to the very helpful talk. I know you will be blessed and encouraged to learn the Language of Encouragement in your home!

Five Love Languages

For further reading, I highly recommend the following books, which deal in detail about each of the five different love languages! If you’re speaking a language that your loved ones don’t speak or understand, you will experience frustration! Educate yourself!

For children there is The Five Love Languages of Children Once your children pass school-age, you might find The Five Love Languages for Teens to be more helpful. For you marriage, I have read the original, Five Love Langages. These books are very helpful in describing the five love languages.

In the first article I wrote about the Five Love Languages, Hugs and Tickles, I also put some links to some assessments for the Love Languages.

I hope that you enjoy all of these resources!

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