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Wild ediblesFun with Wild Edibles!

Weeds, wildflowers, wild edibles! No matter what you call them, they can be a lot of fun when it comes to searching them out in the springtime.

This is a fun post that I published one year ago!  We are still eating our weeds! ?

We kicked off our search for wild beauties last Sabbath, when we got handed a scavenger hunt paper, with spring wildflowers listed that we were to search out. A few flowers were familiar, but most required some field guides and detective work. I found that when all the kids got involved, along with Mom and Dad, we had a relaxing Sabbath walk. What made it so enjoyable was our hostess, who had previously searched everything on the list. She knew where to guide us, and if we almost stepped over a specimen, she was there to point it out. She also was a savvy wildflower sleuth, which helped a lot! It was a simple activity, but being together in nature as a family with a challenge and a purpose was what made it fun, I believe.

The other key that made this search so fun was a bit of technology for each participant. Adults produced old phones out of closets so that every child could have a camera of sorts to use! Kids love cameras, and with the freedom to snap as many pictures as they desired, they really got into finding flowers to capture. I will say that even my soon-to-be 15-year-old, who of late tends to drag his feet at family nature activities, got into the photo-taking aspect of the afternoon. What a wise woman our hostess is — you could tell she has experience with children, and indeed homeschooled her kids for much of their education.

——————————————————We decided to see what kinds out there we could eat. How fun is that?! We had actually done our research on wild edibles through the winter months, but now that the plants are starting to grow, we found that there was a feast out there, just waiting for us to come and find it!



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