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Charlie the Kitten and Braveheart are Back!!

Yesterday (Wednesday) I posted in the 🏡 Homestead Blog Hop 399 🏠 about our little kitten guys and their terrible experience with the flea spray. It was horrible.

ICYMI, read about what happened here

In a nutshell, our two kittens were poisoned. We honestly did not know if they would pull through or not, especially Charlie. He’s so small that the chemicals just overwhelmed his system.

Poor Charlie

For two days straight he could not run and play. He flopped over when he tried to walk, and had absolutely no muscle tone whatsoever. He could not even hold his head up. Adam said it was like a newborn baby, and it really was.

Sleeping kitten
Our little Charlie Bug

Little Charlie would bury his face between my legs and sleep for hours. His eyes stayed clouded over, and our hearts were breaking for him.

Little Blackie (newly named Braveheart by me) had similar symptoms, but not quite as severe. Neither could walk at first without flopping right over, and they acted as if their skin was crawling, and afterwards just had no energy or muscle tone.

This flea spray, by the way, is what caused the problem.  We’d tried several products from the vet before I resorted to try this.  Never again.


As Time Passed

I’d hoped sleeping it off the first night would allow the toxins to pass through, and Braveheart seemed a lot better by the next day, enough so that I felt ok leaving him home.

I didn’t trust Charlie home for hours though, so I brought him with me while I worked on laundry/tasks for my parents. He turned out to be a sweet therapy kitten, since he’d just snuggle in my dad’s lap and sleep. This was sweet but not at all normal for our lively little boy.

We kept up the activated charcoal powder mixed in Sheba food three times a day, and that would instantly give him some spunk back. I knew he was in there somewhere, but hoped the neurological symptoms would not be permanent. Another of my blogging friends related to me how her cats suffered a similar trauma with a flea dip and how one had permanent damage. The vets I talked to really couldn’t do more than I was doing, so we didn’t take them in.


So after two days of nothing but flopping and sleeping, suddenly on Wednesday evening, after some Sheba and charcoal, both kittens started charging around playing and didn’t stop! It seemed to happen when I brought Charlie back home, when he reunited with Braveheart. It was like they missed each other and they energized each other! At one point the two just looked at each other, and somehow in their kitty language communicated, “charge the door!” when I opened it. We went from sedated to blitzing the door crack in a flash.

Kittens sleeping
The little lovers back together to snuggle

After that, I see no evidence of lasting issues, Praise the Lord! They race around climbing the walls, chasing tails, and leaping through the air! Stinker, their mama, joins right in, and it’s back to chaos around here again.

I will happily take chaos over a sickly calm! a kitten is meant to play!

I will say, though, that I did enjoy all of the snuggles!

Black kitten


Kitten riding on shoulder
Charlie’s favorite perch

*As a side note, you may wonder why I mentioned using Activated Charcoal.  If you’re not familiar with using charcoal as a remedy, especially for toxins and sicknesses, you can learn more in these blog posts.  Activated charcoal, in bulk powder and tablets is a remedy I would never be without on our homestead, in our car, or anywhere, really.

Medicinal Charcoal on the Homestead

Make a Charcoal Poultice the Clean and Neat way


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    1. No. Charcoal can cause constipation, so we have to give extra fiber when taking it.

      I know some vets recommend a spoonful of Mayo for Hairball. Not sure if that would help constipation, but it might. I’d probably try mixing ground flax into their food. Or a little ground psyllium husk powder. But I’m no vet, just pondering.

  1. Poor babies, I can’t imagine how you must have felt seeing them hurting. I’m so glad your story had a happy ending and the kitties are back frolicking around!

  2. I’m so glad Charlie and Braveheart are doing well. We would be heartbroken if something happened to our Henry! We had been catless for several years because of grandchildren with severe allergies but they have grown up and moved away so a few months ago we got Henry and realize how much we missed having a cat in the house!

  3. I am SO happy to hear that Charlie and Blackheart are doing better and that being reunited after their short separation revived their spirits! They are so sweet and are bring so much joy not just to you but also to us. Praising God for the win and thanks for the share. Off to read your article on Medicinal Charcoal now! 🙂

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