Sunday Sunshine Blog Hop 79

You don’t have to be a blogger, a homesteader, or a homemaker to enjoy the Sunday Sunshine Blog Hop!

But if you enjoy those things, or if you enjoy learning more about a variety of home-related topics, you may enjoy the blog hop! Come check it out!

#bloghop #homestead

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Our new YouTube channel & Sunday Sunshine Blog Hop 71

Our new YouTube channel  I finally did it! After many months of my boys making suggestions to me, I finally went ahead and took the plunge. I launched our new, YouTube channel, with the same name, Ridge Haven Homestead, as this blog. Here it is! Ridge Haven Homestead YouTube Channel So far, it’s not…

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Sunday Sunshine Blog Hop 69

Welcome to the Sunday Sunshine Blog Hop! Morning, Friends! Just for fun, I found this sweet picture to share with you.  While on the surface, it looks like something I’d hang on my wall, it’s a little satirical, poking fun at us ladies who claim to be feminine and delicate, all the while demanding our…

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🇺🇸 Patriotism 🇺🇸 & Sunday Sunshine Blog Hop 67

Happy day! Here in the United States, we are creeping up on Independence Day, aka the Fourth of July. 🇺🇸 I understand Canada just had it’s Independence Day too, and I enjoyed seeing some maple leaf crafts and treats. 🇨🇦. Cinco do Mayo, Canada Day, July 4–they all have celebration of our countries in common….

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Happy Father’s Day 2023 & Sunday Sunshine Blog Hop 65

Happy Father’s Day! To all the dads out there, who show up when it’s hard, who support their wife, who take the time with the their kids–you definitely deserve some accolades! More than ever, with society attacking real men, with many marginalizing the importance of masculinity, good fathers are needed. Don’t give up, Fathers! God…

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Sunday Sunshine Blog Hop 64

Welcome to the Sunday Sunshine Blog Hop! It’s funny. So much happens during the week, that I find when I sit down to write something, I can’t remember any specifics. That’s kind of nuts. Actually, we’ve done a lot this past week! Gardening–planting, weeding, tilling, watering, watching, and feeding–we’ve done all of this and more!…

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