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Time line of the Pink Lady’s Slipper Blooming

Pink Lady's Slipper blooming
Pink Lady’s Slipper, April, 2018

One year ago,

I was sneaking out into the woods, hunting for Pink Lady’s Slippers.  My hunting was rewarded with two beautiful flowers.  This year, we are on a new property.  I will be posting a new report of what we are finding this year!  Exciting news is on the way!  But, please check out this post, for a chronological timeline of the beauty unfolding!

These flowers are beautiful at every step, and I have photos showing the details of their unfolding.

Timeline of a Lovely Pink Lady Day 1:  Saturday, April 14:   My son and I spotted the first sprouts of what we hoped would turn out to be the Pink Lady’s Slipper flower like we had seen in that are…

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