Truss setting Day!

Today’s the day!

Seventeen trusses will be placed, skillfully on top of the support beams! Let’s see how it’s happening!

Ridge Haven building update. Trusses
Setting first truss
Building update.
Truss suspended from chain
Ridge Haven
Bringing another truss over

They hook up the trusses to a chain suspended from the bucket truck’s boom. Then They swing the truss around and guide it into place!

Next comes securing the truss to the frame.

This is a pretty easy way to set trusses! All you need is a husband or friend with a bucket truck, and you’ll be in business! 😉

We had a rain scare through the night! Worried it might force us to cancel the truss party, but by 8:30, everything cleared up, and the day looked bright and promising!

The boys are all helping! This is a work where they can practice being REAL MEN! Each one helps in what way that he can! 💪🏽

I keep going into the RV to take care of little chores, but I can’t stay inside, knowing all of this is happening outside!

Why all this involvement with the kids in the building process? Shouldn’t they be in school, or at least doing what normal kids do?

We are big believers in our boys learning practical skills. We’ve been strongly influenced by the teachings of the late Raymond Moore, the pioneering father of the modern homeschool movement. He has many excellent books, but Home Grown Kids is one that we really enjoy reading. I think any person who likes that book will enjoy all of his writings.

The Moore Formula, a term coined by Dr. Moore, includes a three-fold approach to education. You may read about it here. The three parts are

1). Books

2). Service for others

3). Work

Balance these three, and you will likely come out with a well-rounded education.

Basically he recommends involving children in adult life, rather than just expecting them to act like kids. You may enjoy reading my article on Homeschool Apprenticeship, and Tools Trump Toys, over on my homeschooling blog.

Here’s the final shots from today! Trusses are set and are getting braces. Next week, hopefully, we will get the roof on!

Truss setting ridge Haven
He’s way up there!
Building update. Trusses
How they hook up the trusses.

Stay tuned—you’ll be interested to see what interesting twists we are going to do for the roof design! It will not be your typical! 😉

Ridge Haven building update
All trusses in place.

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Who else lives in an RV, or has in the past? It’s a wild life, for sure!

Leave me a comment and share your experience!


12 Replies

  1. Wow! I hope the new roof works well! I think my parents need something like this for their RV…the roof keeps leaking in one spot, even with some patchwork.

    Please stop by and share your updates on Farm Fresh Tuesdays this week!

  2. I can’t wait to see the finished product! Looks like the boys had a lot of fun “helping”!!!

    Found you on the Farm Fresh Tuesdays blog hop.

  3. Looking great! I love how the whole family is helping out, what a blessing! Thanks for sharing on Homestead Blog Hop!

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